No1 – the world’s most exclusive wood care system


After months of research and development, WoodCare Denmark has launched the ultimate line of wood care products by combining its knowledge and experience with the latest technology.

Exclusive release of No1 at Domotex 2016 in Hanover Exclusive release of No1 at Domotex 2016 in Hanover

The system, which is a part of the extensive WOCA product range, is named No1 and is the world’s most exclusive line of products for basic treatment, maintenance and cleaning of wooden floors.

The No1 system exquisitely combines ease of use with amazing looks and superior long lasting results. The No1 system is intended for exclusive wood floors and has emerged as a result of WoodCare Denmark’s desire to develop an exceptional oil and lacquer based on supreme raw materials. To emphasize the high quality, WoodCare Denmark has developed a new raw material exclusively for the oil in cooperation with a carefully selected partner.

The No1 Wood Floor Oil provides better performance, compared to other wood floor oils, due to less shrinkage, better hardening and enhanced water repellence. It contains a very little amount of solvent and is a low-odour, crystal-clear oil with unequalled strength for wood floors. The technology integrated in the No1 Wood Floor Oil is called ‘Hyper Cross Linking’, resulting in the strongest oil binder and thus, the strongest 1-component oil.

No1 Wood Floor Lacquer is a superior 2-component floor lacquer based on a newly developed polyurethane binder. It provides wood floors with an amazing softness, aside from an invisible look, due to an exclusive soft feel effect never seen before in connection with floor lacquers. No1 Wood Floor Lacquer has a self-matting effect based on a new technology that prevents the mat finish from wearing out in areas with constant contact, e.g. under chairs.

The No1 system covers the total lifespan of wooden floors and includes products for pre-treatment, basic treatment as well as maintenance and cleaning. The No1 system contains three products for oiled floors, three products for lacquered floors and a No1 Intensive Cleaner suitable for both floor finishes.

The exclusive No1 system is a natural supplement to WoodCare Denmark’s extensive, innovative and sustainable range of WOCA quality products due to its usage of new technology as well as high green profile.

For further information please visit wocadenmark.com/no1 or contact us at +45 99 58 56 00 or info@ttwoodcare.com.


Source : No1 – the world’s most exclusive wood care system

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